About Jodell Clarke Designs LLC

Luxury Interior Stylist in Dallas, TX

"At Jodell Clarke Designs, our clients are special and you can trust us to treat you with as much care as possible. We can meet in person or virtually, taking all precautions necessary to make you feel safe and comfortable. We will select resources from your preferred locations. Our contractors adhere to strict safety guidelines. Why? Because your home is your sanctuary. Our goal is not only to create spaces you will love, but places where you and your loved ones feel safe and comfortable."

Jodell Clarke - Luxury Interior Stylist in Dallas, TX

You have thousands of designers to choose from when thinking about your interior design project. Why choose me? Well, let me tell you a few things that might help you make up your mind…

Design flexibility: I have enjoyed many years of designing beautiful interior spaces for all kinds of clients. I have a rather eclectic background that includes fine art, high fashion, product design, high-end retail display and formal interior design training. That means I’ll speak your décor language and skillfully create original designs you’ll absolutely love.

Details and finishing touches: Whether starting from scratch or working with what you already own and love, I can help you create a home or office environment that is stylish, consistently reflecting your personality, interests and values – a place where you will love to live or work, and be proud to share with others!

Relationships with care: I work with you as a creative partner and put a lot of care into our relationship. I know I have to earn your trust. My goal is to always design with you, reflecting your passions, personality and preferences. I’ll treat you so well, you’ll come back to me for the next project… and the next.

End-to-end support: I work with you on both small and large projects. I can provide consulting to get you started, redesign decorations to pull together your room in an updated style, prepare a comprehensive design for a new build, or stage your house for sale! No matter what the project, I will pay close attention to the details and finishing touches while making you feel you are in safe hands.